Grill/plancha with mini asado cross

465.00 no IVA


It’s a unique combination wood/charcoals burning grill / plancha and asado cross . A fire bowl of  steel—up to 50 cm in diameter and a cooking surface approx. 60cm in diameter. The grill is equipped with adjustable height and position warming shelf and asado cross. The Grill leg is adjustable too, can lift it up or lowering down for the prefect cooking height.

Its a easy removable cloverleaf-shaped cook-top made of 12-mm-thick steel fits atop the fire bowl.

To clean the flat-top at the end of a grill session, simply use a wide-bladed metal scraper and push any surface grease or charred bits into the fire.. Season the surface by occasionally brushing it while warm with vegetable oil. Disuse can encourage rust, but unwanted oxidation can be removed with a steel wool pad. Re-season with oil as you would a cast iron skillet.

The grill works great for direct grilling tender, quick-cooking foods such as steaks, chops, chicken breasts or thighs, burgers, sausages, bacon, veggies, breads, eggs etc.

The asado cooking option  will allow  you to cook big pieces of meat next to the wood burning fire such as whole chicken, beef ribs, pork belly, leg of lamb, etc.

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